Water Utility Bills

Pay your Water Utility Bill here. 

Please contact Salida Utilities for questions or payments on your 

Sewer Account/Bills (719)530-2622

Walk through for ePay:

When you first get to the ePayment website you will see something like this:

 To register you just need to click that Register button and fill in the following information:

After you have entered your information you will get a confirmation email that you have to use within 24 hours or you will need to restart your registration (your username will be erased after 24 hours, so you can try again to use the same username as before). Please also check your junk email folder for the confirmation email.

Once you get logged in you will see something like this:

If you want to JUST pay your bill and not view it, click the “Pay Other Items” option:

Then enter your Account # and amount, then click Make Payment:

This will take you to the payment information area where you can choose to use Visa/MasterCard/Amex/Discover or you can use PayPal to sign in to your PayPal account and pay that way. Even if you choose Visa, etc it will still be processed by PayPal but it does not require you to have a PayPal account. 

You will then be taken to a confirmation screen with your payment confirmation number. 

This method is where typos can be introduced – if you type in the wrong account number it will get rejected, you will have to go back to the “Pay Other Items” button and click on the “Payment List” button to fix your payment and try again (or just delete it). Make sure you include the hyphen and 2 numbers after it in your account number.

If you want to attach an account to your profile, click on “View & Pay Bills”:

At this point you need to “Add an Account”:

This is where you are required to use your PIN number located at the very top center of your paper bill or call Town Hall to get your pin number (719)539-6882. You will then get a message that it takes 1-2 business days before you are able to access your account.

Making Partial Payments or Crediting your account:

If you take the route of paying your bill through your account that you have added to your profile......the system will only accept payment of the EXACT amount due. If you would like to make a partial payment OR credit your account, use the Pay Other Items option.

PayPal charges a "convenience" fee of 3% + 0.35 cents per transaction

You can also pay your bill by:

·       Setting up Bill Pay with your bank. Either on your banks website or by calling them to set it up. They will make the withdrawal, cut the check, and mail the check to us for you

·       Credit/Debit Card, Check, or Cash by stopping in Town Hall during business hours                    (Mon-Fri 8am-Noon/1pm-5pm) located at 333 Burnett Ave, Poncha Springs, CO 81242

·       Mailing in a check to Town of Poncha Springs, PO Box 190, Poncha Springs, CO 81242

·       You can also drop off a check after hours to our drop box out front of Town Hall on the railing at the top of the ramp facing the parking lot

We also have a second payment portal

This portal does not have the ability to look up your account balance, but as long as you input your account number, payments can be accepted through this method as well

MAKE SURE you input the address that matches the address on your credit/debit card NOT the address of the property 



333 Burnett Avenue / PO Box 190 / Poncha Springs, CO 81242
mail@ponchasprings.us / Phone: 719-539-6882 / Fax: 719-539-6898